Official Russian PS4 distributor holding back stock to sell at higher rate – rumour

Some very concerning news from Russia, apparently Sony’s official distributor of the console, 1C have been holding back stock from retailers. The PlayStation 4 would originally sell for 18999RUB, which is around 422 EUR apparently. 1C shipped out several shipments to retailers who sold them around this price. This continued for a little while, with retailers (unsurprisingly) […]

PS4 ships one million units on day one in North America, best console launch in history

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has experienced the best console launch in the company’s history by shipping one million units in North America on day one alone. In comparison, the PS2, which was initially released in Japan only, shipped one million units in three days. This news was confirmed by Shuhei Yoshida who Tweeted: “PS4 has […]

Rumor: PS4 set to release in “late October,” Microsoft “moneyhatting” Platinum for exclusive Xbox One game & more

NeoGAF user and whistleblower Crazy Buttocks on a Train (or more commonly known as CBOAT) is at it again with more #truthfacts (rumors)! This time, he drops a bombshell regarding the PlayStation 4′s launch schedule, Xbox One’s live-streaming capabilities, the chances of a Kinect-less SKU and of Microsoft seemingly “moneyhatting” an exclusive from Bayonetta developers, […]