PS4: Sony sells over 250,000 units in the UK in 48 hours

Earlier today, we posted that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has blasted the PlayStation Portable’s launch day figures to have the best-selling console launch in UK history.

This follows the PS4′s launch in North America last month where it set a new all-time launch day record for selling over one million consoles in a span of 24 hours.

Now, we have a figure to go with the UK’s successful launch, and that’s over 250,000 units sold in a span of 48 hours! While this isn’t as impressive as the North America launch, keep in mind that this is just for the UK and we still have no hard numbers how well Sony did for Europe.

For reference, the previous record holder was the PSP, with over 180,000 units sold; while the PS4′s main competitor, the Xbox One, managed to sell over 150,000 in 48 hours in the same region.

While we’re still awaiting official word from Sony, it seems that for all intents and purposes, the PS4 has already outsold the Wii U’s lifetime sales to date.

So, I gather their target goal of hitting five million PS4s before the end of March 2014 is indeed doable, yes?

Did you buy a PS4 at launch in the UK? Are any stores still offering units now or are they all sold out?

Source: MCV