Report: Annoyed Gamer says he’s “hearing rumors that the PS4 is prone to overheating”

The Annoyed Gamer, Marcus Beer has released his latest GameTrailers rant and has claimed he has been, “hearing rumors from several different sources that the PS4 is prone to overheating.” In the same video, he whines about not getting a PS4 to “do his job” and complains, he has, “yet to see a working PlayStation 4.”

It’s a fairly irresponsible comment, but he makes the disclaimer ahead of time that he is not a journalist – that seems to absolve him of any responsibility and excuses the fact his “several different sources” are unnamed. We have heard one instance where a PS4 overheated at a Sony event but that was most likely due to the fact it was in a sealed security box.

It’s most likely Beer was bitching because he wants a retail PS4 ahead of time so he can “do his job” and get content out there ahead of everyone else – let’s face it, you have to be first in this business to survive.

Not going to link the video here, but spare yourself the rest of it and just watch 3:08 to 3:15 for the comment.

Source: GT