PS4: Brazil price officially announced, world’s most expensive PS4 price point

The price for the PlayStation 4 in Brazil has officially been announced and it really isn’t a pretty sight. According to UOL Jogos the console will hit a record high of R$3,999 ($1845.83 USD), and will arrive in the country on November 29th.

The announcement for the console’s price point was made on Thursday in a press release and also on the PlayStation Blog. Sony are still yet to offer any sort of reason for such a high price of the PlayStation 4.

The games for the PlayStation 4 are also going to take a rather large chunk out of your wallet, with the games costing upwards of R$179, which is equivalent to $82.62 in America.

Those are completely mental prices and it isn’t like Brazil is full of money either, how anyone will be able to afford the console when it is debuting at that price is beyond me. It is well over $1,400 USD more expensive than what it is in America, crazy.

The Xbox One is set to arrive in Brazil with a price point of R$2,200 ($1015.46 USD), which is a massive undercut compared to the PlayStation 4. I can see a lot of people buying the Xbox One in Brazil purely from a price stand point.