Official Russian PS4 distributor holding back stock to sell at higher rate – rumour

Some very concerning news from Russia, apparently Sony’s official distributor of the console, 1C have been holding back stock from retailers.

The PlayStation 4 would originally sell for 18999RUB, which is around 422 EUR apparently. 1C shipped out several shipments to retailers who sold them around this price. This continued for a little while, with retailers (unsurprisingly) selling out of the console.

Now retailers don’t actually have any stock left, but one company does. 1C, the supplier who is meant to send shipments to retailers not only has stock, but has a lot of it. The image below shows a screen grab which offers the PlayStation 4s at 27999RUB for Solus (console alone), which is around 624EUR. The three green squares indicate that the supplier has a lot of stock.

Apparently, a lot of people have complained to Sony via their forums, twitter and official support but they’ve had no straight answer. Users even tried the UK and European forums but to no avail, leaving a lot of people pissed off with the poor PR from Sony.

Thanks, NeoGAF user Derpcrawler