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NeoGAF user and whistleblower Crazy Buttocks on a Train (or more commonly known as CBOAT) is at it again with…

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NeoGAF user and whistleblower Crazy Buttocks on a Train (or more commonly known as CBOAT) is at it again with more #truthfacts (rumors)! This time, he drops a bombshell regarding the PlayStation 4′s launch schedule, Xbox One’s live-streaming capabilities, the chances of a Kinect-less SKU and of Microsoft seemingly “moneyhatting” an exclusive from Bayonetta developers, Platinum Games. Fortunately for us, forum member “artist” was kind enough to translate the “l33t” speak to something readable. Here’s the list of rumors in its entirety and just in time for this week’s gamescom. No live-streaming for Xbox One, architectural reasons (not fully complete). Latest SDK version (from couple of weeks ago) dropped performance by 15-20% across the board, don’t get mad, happens all the time in console dev cycle and eventually will be fixed. No chance of early October release for the Xbox One. Certainly not for all 21 countries, localization excuse is complete BS. (look at the list of countries that got delayed and their local languages) Late October launch for PS4. PS4 SDK is read and is basically master2 final (released today). FYI, though people are mad about Bayonetta going sequel, you’ll be somewhat unhappy about what MS is moneyhatting with Platinum(?), other Japanese devs in play but Kamaiya town (?) is only 1 I’m solid on. Game not for Europe. Big park nuked game, it was a bomba, dead now. A whole studio focused on TV services only. All the best talent went to BigTusk or left MS entirely. Rare still Kinect focused, no matter what else you’ve head. New indie publishing policy not set yet for Xbox One, post launch. September surprise is early. Apologise in advance, everything I saw over last 24 months was that there is no chance of a Kinect-less SKU. Solid concrete decision. Whisper of Kinect optional SKU early next year (March/April), enough smoke now that I don’t want to wait until September. Okay, just to remind you again, these are all rumors and as such, must be taken with a grain of salt. The main difference here is CBOAT almost-always delivers and is definitely not a random forum poster who claims they have “insider” info. Will any of these come true? With gamescom set for this week, I gather we’ll know the real deal by then. Which of the rumors listed above do you think will come to pass? Or to be more specific, which ones are you hoping become reality? The P.E. Perspective: A late October release for the PS4 seems more and more plausible based on what we’re hearing, and it will be a big win for Sony if they can release earlier than the Xbox One and in more countries so it would make sense if Sony does it. So, this late October launch could be the real deal. With Microsoft’s 180 on a lot of things, the rumor that their indie self-publishing policy is not yet implemented does seem plausible. Speaking of 180′s, the fact that Microsoft went back on their word regarding Kinect being a requirement speaks volumes on how much they’re willing to alter their vision to satisfy their consumers. If more and more people make it known that they want a Kinect-less Xbox One SKU, I’d assume MS might have to cave in at some point.

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