Xbox One Kinect is a “much more integral part of the platform”, says Microsoft

Many gamers have expressed their scepticism of the new Xbox One Kinect, as its predecessor was often used for poor quality games and gimmicky extras. Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle spoke to TechRadar specifically about the Xbox One Kinect, and the enhanced experienced that it is set to bring. Stating that the original Kinect […]

Xbox One DRM changes will require day-one patch [Update: Microsoft clarifies]

Update: The day-one patch Kotaku reported was clarified by Microsoft to include “some of the software that won’t be there,” and that it wasn’t prompted by the DRM changes today. We’ve corrected the story below. A day-one patch for the Xbox One will enable the offline mode Microsoft confirmed for the console today, backtracking on its […]

Xbox One pre-owned and online policies are “definitive” for now

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has told CVG that Microsoft’s policies regarding Xbox One’s online and software authorization requirements are definitive for now. This may be bad news for those Xbox One fans who were hoping for a change in stance before the launch of the console. This news follows confirmation from Microsoft that Xbox fans in some countries will not […]

Xbox One Will Be Region Locked

Microsoft announced its next-gen console Xbox One. While the console it powerful but, fans will be disappointed with the fact that Xbox One will be region locked. Microsoft hasn’t been much clear about why the console will be region lock. Maybe the company will explain in coming months. However, fans aren’t happy with Microsoft decision […]