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Many gamers have expressed their scepticism of the new Xbox One Kinect, as its predecessor was often used for poor…

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Many gamers have expressed their scepticism of the new Xbox One Kinect, as its predecessor was often used for poor quality games and gimmicky extras. Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle spoke to TechRadar specifically about the Xbox One Kinect, and the enhanced experienced that it is set to bring.

Stating that the original Kinect didn’t do enough to provide a “rich enough experience”, Eagle talked about the key features of the new model:

With things like voice and gesture, which work much better on Kinect for Xbox One, it’s a much more integral part of the platform that it ever was previously when it was a peripheral, an add-on, and game creators didn’t necessarily know it was there.

Bundling the device with each and every Xbox One means that developers will be encouraged to incorporate the device more fully. Eagle goes on to explain how the new Kinect is “integral” to the box:

It’s part of the user interface and for some tasks it’s the best way to access them. If you want to switch between different functions and actions on the Xbox One of the fastest ways to make that happen is just to tell the box and it instantly does it.

You don’t have to look for a remote, you don’t have to switch inputs you don’t have to switch devices you don’t have to call up menus: We think there are fundamental differences to the way the Kinect will work for Xbox One.

As the Kinect is now one of the main components of the Xbox One, it is obviously important for it to be of some use; especially when considering the higher price of Microsoft’s console when compared to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

After changing many of its policies due to consumer reactions, Microsoft seem determined to stick to their plan of ensuring that every Xbox One owner, is also an Xbox One Kinect owner. They want developers to create for Xbox One with Kinect in mind, and they want gamers to play Xbox One with Kinect as a main attraction, instead of a gimmicky extra.

In the interview with TechRadar, Eagle made it clear that Kinect is going to bring some impressive features to the table. Will it be enough to outshine the PlayStation 4?

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