Microsoft to unlock more GPU power to devs for Xbox One, will tap into 10% reserved from Kinect and apps

According to Eurogamer, the Xbox One will keep around 10% of its GPU for Kinect and apps, which was confirmed by Microsoft technical fellow Andrew Goossen. “Xbox One has a conservative 10 per cent time-sliced reservation on the GPU for system processing. This is used both for the GPGPU processing for Kinect and for the […]

Xbox One game DVR sharing only via Xbox Live at launch, Facebook and YouTube by next year

A demonstration of the Xbox One given by Microsoft’s Albert Penella to Destructoid has revealed some more information about the features of the Xbox One DVR, and the plans that are place for the future. The Destructoid article states that DVR gave instant capture of the last 30 seconds of buffered frames from a simlpe voice command. […]

Microsoft reminding gamers that they’ve done a “180″ on DRM for the Xbox One, sends newsletter

By now, chances are you’ve heard of Microsoft’s “180″ when it comes to their DRM reversal, but what about the other people who don’t frequent gaming sites, forums and the like? Well, it seems the company is now also sending newsletters reminding people that yes, they’ve reversed their stance when it comes to people owning […]

Microsoft going on an “apology” tour for Xbox One, “At Xbox, we care about the community,” claims Major Nelson

With yesterday’s news that Microsoft’s Major Nelson is waiting for the “truth to come out” when it comes to the PS4′s reported 30 percent increase in power compared to the Xbox One, the “Major” isn’t quite done yet. During a presentation at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas to promote the Xbox One, Microsoft and […]