Microsoft going on an “apology” tour for Xbox One, “At Xbox, we care about the community,” claims Major Nelson

With yesterday’s news that Microsoft’s Major Nelson is waiting for the “truth to come out” when it comes to the PS4′s reported 30 percent increase in power compared to the Xbox One, the “Major” isn’t quite done yet.

During a presentation at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas to promote the Xbox One, Microsoft and Major Nelson took a “no-frills, old-school” approach in presenting it. There was no celebs, no flashy videos or outrageous claims like how the Xbox One will be “the new water cooler.” Instead, Nelson went on stage for 30 minutes and fielded questions from attendees.

Major Nelson, otherwise known as Larry Hryb in real life, was asked how Microsoft is planning on winning back consumers after the deluge of bad news the company has suffered throughout the year.

Look, at Xbox, we really care about the community…We’re very focused on what is right for gamers. Everybody at Xbox is a gamer. It’s not like we just show up, do our work and go home. We want to make this the best game system that you are going to own for the next 10 years.

This 30-minute presentation was allegedly the first stop of Microsoft’s “apology tour” for the Xbox One and possibly educate consumers with the 180s the company has made over the past few months.

Nelson said he’ll be embarking on a cross-country tour this month, and making stops in U.S. cities to “assuage” concerns about Microsoft’s next-gen gaming machine/entertainment hub.

Regardless if you’re an Xbox fan or not, at least Microsoft seems to be righting the wrongs they made with their “180s,” no? And they are going out of their way to make sure people in the U.S. knows about the changes, too. But then again, they can’t afford not to do it at this point with both the PS4 and Xbox One set to come out in November.

Would you accept Microsoft’s apology or do you think it’s insincere?

Source: HuffingtonPost