Payday 2 Game Director: We’re “excited” we didn’t have to be a shooter with a “collapsing building” to excite people

In most first-person shooter games these days, more and more games are using its tech and set-pieces to let people know that their game is the next big thing and uses said features to be their games’ main selling points. This isn’t the case with Overkill’s Payday franchise. Payday is, of course, the heist-driven FPS […]

Exclusive PayDay 2 gameplay preview shows a vastly improved sequel, semi-successful heist

As part of our exclusive PayDay 2 coverage, here is our gameplay preview for the upcoming cooperative heist title. The first thing you’ll probably notice with PayDay 2 is how improved everything is. From the gunplay to a new stealth system, developer Overkill Software has upped the ante in every aspect. Thanks to several dynamic […]

QR code secret found in Payday 2 beta

YouTube user YoupiMatos2 posted a video of a secret in Overkill Software’s upcoming Payday 2. In one of the heist shooter’s rooms is a QR code that, when scanned, reads “I LOVE SECRETS”. Players might want to keep their phones or tablets close by when the game debuts. Who knows what else is tucked away […]

Payday 2 interview with David Goldfarb: Heists, “collapsing buildings” and AAA shooters

With the first-person shooter genre crowded with military shooters and its ilk, 2011′s Payday: The Heist swooped in and surprised a lot of people with its focus on heists rather than kills, and how it prioritized co-op over competitive multiplayer, which is sadly getting more and more overlooked. So, naturally, we were curious as to […]