Payday 2 now at over 1.58 million copies sold, and proves people love robbing stuff

UPDATE: Seems that 1.3 million number was, in fact, smaller than how good Payday 2 has really sold. Game Director David Goldfarb has informed us that Payday 2 has in fact sold through 1.58 million units; and for all intents and purposes should be crossing the 1.6 million mark within the week. We’ve updated the headline accordingly.

Original Story:

It seems people really love robbing virtual banks as Overkill’s Payday 2 has now sold over 1.3 million units to date since its release this August.

This was announced in a press release sent over by Overkill parent company Starbreeze, where it also mentions that over 80% of the total sales have been through digital channels (Steam, PSN, Xbox Live) and at the full retail price ($29.99 digital, $39.99 retail), too.

Additionally, Starbreeze has announced that Payday 2′s “sell-in” volumes are at even more impressive 1.58 million units.

Congrats, Overkill and Starbreeze for making our heist fantasies a reality.

For more on Payday 2, don’t forget to check our review where we gave it a solid 8 and call it “one hell of a good time with friends.”