Exclusive Payday 2 gameplay with commentary from game director David Goldfarb

Jay Michaels recently got the chance to speak with David Goldfarb, the game director for the upcoming Payday 2 game. We’ve got some exclusive gameplay footage and commentary from both Jay and David for you to take a look at.

Payday 2 is a “heist simulator or robbery RPG” as Goldfarb put it, allowing players the chance to go and rob banks across various different levels in what is set to be a great sequel for the Payday series.

The game is set to release next month, August 13th, and will be released across PC and consoles and I think a lot of us here are very much looking forward to the game.

I’ll shut up now and let the video do the talking though, let us know what you think to it and whether or not you’ll be picking the game up.