Exclusive PayDay 2 gameplay preview shows a vastly improved sequel, semi-successful heist

As part of our exclusive PayDay 2 coverage, here is our gameplay preview for the upcoming cooperative heist title.

The first thing you’ll probably notice with PayDay 2 is how improved everything is. From the gunplay to a new stealth system, developer Overkill Software has upped the ante in every aspect. Thanks to several dynamic gameplay elements, no two sessions will play the same, in part to the improved enemy AI.

Before you start throwing money at your monitor, we will have an exclusive mission/gameplay commentary video on Wednesday, as well as our video interview with game director David Goldfarb.

PayDay 2 will launch on August 13, retailing for $29.99 on Steam and $39.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There will also be a $59.99 Collector’s Edition. For now, watch our gameplay preview below.