No next-gen plans for Metro: Last Light, “one of, if not the best looking games you can buy,” Claims devs

4A Games and now Deep Silver’s Metro: Last Light won’t be coming to next-gen consoles. This was revealed by producer Huw Beynon.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t making a next-gen version though. According to Beynon, they are and it’s the PC version, which he claims is the “one of, if not the best looking game you can actually buy.”

If someone asks me are we doing a next-gen version – well, yes we are. It’s the PC. We’re one of the few studios out there that have a proven piece of tech that’s built for high-end PCs. I firmly believe that the PC version of Metro: Last Light is one of, if not the best looking game you can actually buy, period, at the moment. We’re still proud of how we’ve managed to adapt that for the current generation of consoles.

So does this mean a PS4 version is out of the cards, then? Beynon claims it’s a “business decision at the end of the day,” and adds, “It’ll depend a lot on what the studio wants to do next. I don’t doubt it’s something we could do, but it’s not something that’s actively happening at the moment.”

Given how good the last Metro game looked, I doubt fans will mind this too much, no?

Expect Metro: Last Light to hit the PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3 later this May.

Source: Eurogamer

PAX East 2013: Halo 4 has logged 11.6 million players since launch

While speaking at a panel at PAX East, 343 Industries announced that 11.6 million players have played Halo 4‘s multiplayer component since the game’s launch back in November. However, what isn’t clear is whether this number includes guest accounts.

In addition to this, 343 Industries also revealed that players have recorded 11.67 billion kills since Halo 4‘s November launch. 388 million headshots and 193 million assassinations, 4.4 million of which were in the air, were also recorded.

In War Games, players have earned 24.5 billion medals, captured 30 million flags, and hijacked 64 million vehicles. It’s safe to say that I will never park in one of Halo 4‘s multiplayer maps.

343 Industries also took the time to announce several pieces of content headed to Halo 4. The Competitive Skill Ranking, or CSR, will arrive in April, with the system spanning levels 1-50. The upcoming Halo 4 Title Update will place “X-Markers” on the heads-up-display, as well as update active camo systems and tune weapons. This update will allow 343 Industries to continuously enable multiplayer changes and updates, allowing users to not have to apply an update.

Finally, Forge Island, a new map, will launch on April 11 for the low price of free. According to 343 Industries, “This one is on us as a thank you.” No, thank you for delivering an amazing game that is Halo 4.

Source: GameSpot Asia

CD Projekt Red sets sights on possible Witcher film and mobile game

This document which we found via Blue’s News was translated by a member on the official Witcher forums seems to outline what the company is planning over the upcoming years.

We don’t speak Polish, so we can only really go off what the translation tells us:


  • Open REDkit beta and further support of the modding community
  •  Premiere of the first non-computer game set in the Witcher world (Movie?)
  •  launch of a local branch of CD Projekt RED in the United States, focused on marketing and PR for both Americas, especially the US.


  • launch of The Witcher 3 for at least three strong platforms including PC and PS4
  • launch of Cyberpunk 2077
  •  two smaller (about 20 hours of gameplay) but top-quality games supporting one of the product lines
  •  a cross-platform mobile game based on one of CDPR’s brands
  • start of license sales for REDengine
  • long-term Witcher 3 support involving completely new mechanisms
  •  launch of the full version of the REDkit and further modding community support
  •  launch of further local CDPR branches in key territories

This seems to simply be CDProjekt Red expanding, but rapidly. Which shows a lot of faith in the 100-hour long Witcher 3.

Next Call of Duty game to be titled “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” to be revealed in May — Rumor

It’s highly-speculated that the next Call of Duty game will be called Modern Warfare 4, but if this video by YouTube member Drift0r is to be believed, not only will it ditch the Modern Warfare branding, but it will be for next-gen consoles only, too!

According to Drift0r, the info he has below comes from someone who works “within the Call of Duty” machine at Activision. Not only that, but he even claims he’s running the info since he trusts this anonymous person “with his life.”

Well, if it’s good enough for his life, we can risk running it as a rumor now, no? Keep in mind though, what’s revealed below is a rumor and some of it might be too far-fetched to be believed.

Supposedly, the next Call of Duty game will be called Call of Duty: Ghosts, will be set in the future but will use current generation weaponry. The game is alleged to be revealed this coming May 1 or somewhere near the start of May and one of the big features of it will be “dynamic” loading screens. Instead of seeing a standard loading image, players will be able to “rappel into the map” while it’s loading.

Give the video a watch for the other “details.”

Again, we’re stressing that the details here are all RUMORS and should be treated as such. One of the biggest question marks here is that the claims that this is for next-gen only. Yep, supposedly, Call of Duty: Ghosts will only be available for the PS4 and the Xbox 720.

While I have no doubt that a new Call of Duty game will come to next-gen platforms, I find it hard to believe that someone like Activision would alienate the massive current-gen user base. There is chance that Activision could be developing two Call of Duty games, one for current-gen and one for next-gen. I mean, they obviously have the manpower and studios to pull it off.

We’ve reached out to Activision for an official statement regarding this and will update the story once they do.

So, are any of the stuff in the video believable for you guys? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

(Headline image is not from the alleged leak, but from MW2)

Battlefield 4 reveals first image from BF4 site, “Land” teaser released

So, here’s the “Land” teaser again, which features tanks…a shocker, I know!

I think at this point that it’s safe to assume that an “Air” teaser trailer showing a jet or chopper will make its way online before the week or day is done.

In other BF4 news, BF4Central has uncovered the very first teaser image from the game’s official site and it’s an Aircraft Carrier, which is the image you see as this post’s header.

Will it just be used as a place for jets to take off or for something more? We’ll hopefully know the answer to that once Battlefield 4 is formally revealed this March 27 at GDC.

Witcher 3 plot is “extremely ambitious” says Lead Quest Designer

In an upcoming interview with VG247 Witcher 3‘s Lead Quest Designer, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz talks about quests, and Geralt’s impact on the world. We already know that it’ll be coming to the PlayStation 4.

“Witcher 3 is extremely ambitious in terms of the number of characters and plots that we’re introducing. But also in terms of how we want to present them. We want to tell a truly immersive and emotional story in an epic environment.”

Morality is also mentioned, choices will have a different effect that isn’t just “good” or “bad”

“We’ve never used simple “black and white” moral choices in our games, and The Witcher 3 is no exception. We are keeping “shades of grey” moral choices that are the key element of The Witcher universe.”

The Witcher 3 will launch in 2014, and rumour has it at 100 hours long. The rumour is sourced from the same place that mentioned 36 final states of the world, which is also mentioned in the interview briefly  Pushing belief that the rumours are likely true.

Bioshock Infinite: Bringing Elizabeth to life

Well ladies and gentleman, we are less than a week away from the highly anticipated Bioshock Infinite. The game is shaping out to be one of the year’s best.

For those of you who don’t know, the game follows Booker Dewitt as he is sent to the floating city of Columbia to “rescue” a woman named Elizabeth. Elizabeth will be with you throughout most of the game and is essential to both the game’s story and gameplay.

Today, Irrational have released a video documentary about one of the games protagonists, entitled “Creating Elizabeth.”

You can watch the video below. Make sure to stay tuned for our Bioshock Infinite review.

Microsoft high end employees Xbox LIVE accounts hacked

Following on from yesterday’s report about Xbox Entertainment Awards getting hacked the Verge has uncovered some new information about high end Microsoft employees having their Xbox LIVE accounts hacked.

Microsoft issued this statement

 ”We are aware that a group of attackers are using several stringed social engineering techniques to compromise the accounts of a handful of high-profile Xbox LIVE accounts held by current and former Microsoft employees.

We are actively working with law enforcement and other affected companies to disable this current method of attack and prevent its further use. Security is of critical importance to us and we are working every day to bring new forms of protection to our members.”

The hackers use a few different tactics, some are very complex. We’ll keep you updated on any new information we hear about this.

Rumor: New Strider game inbound?

Yesterday, we reported that, among the games discovered in the Steam Content Distribution Record database, Strider was among them. Now, NeoGAF user canIhasAnAccount (I approve of the name) put up the supposed box art and banner for Strider for XBLA.

In addition to this, user Sega1991 found a Steam Community page, which is not viewable at this moment, which was posted by user ascarlston. Viewing the profile, it offers “Andrew” as the first name, with a quick search turning up one Andrew Carlston, who is a junior programmer over at Double Helix. Though also no longer viewable, he is Steam friends with Jorge Oseguera, whose name belongs to a producer over at Double Helix.

What does that all mean? It means that Double Helix could be involved in the development of the new Strider game. Double Helix is the developer behind Silent Hill: Homecoming and Front Mission Evolved. Since none of this has yet to be confirmed, consider all of this one big ol’ rumor.

The things we do for you people.

EA in the running for “Worst Company in America” for the second year in a row

For those who didn’t know, Electronic Arts, or more commonly known as EA and as the home of the Battlefield, FIFA and Mass Effect franchises, have been voted as the “Worst Company in America” last year by The Consumerist. 

Now, before you go get pitchforks and aim it at the site, keep in mind that the nominees and winners are voted on by readers. Last year, EA “won” the award due to the overwhelming negativity BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 received from its highly-controversial ending.

For some reason, which I attribute mostly to the on-going SimCity debacle, EA has been nominated once more. It’s worth noting that no one has collected the “Golden Poo” twice in a year, but seeing as EA is in a bit of disarray right now without a proper CEO, then there is a chance they could be the first.

However, it’s not all gloom-and-doom for EA, though. Joining them in the running are noteworthy (and I assume loved) companies such as Google and Apple. Heck, even Microsoft is on that list, too, so it’s really not that bad, right?

You can go here to check the results or start voting.

Do you think EA deserves to “win” this award twice or are people overreacting once again?