PAX East 2013: Halo 4 has logged 11.6 million players since launch

While speaking at a panel at PAX East, 343 Industries announced that 11.6 million players have played Halo 4‘s multiplayer component since the game’s launch back in November. However, what isn’t clear is whether this number includes guest accounts.

In addition to this, 343 Industries also revealed that players have recorded 11.67 billion kills since Halo 4‘s November launch. 388 million headshots and 193 million assassinations, 4.4 million of which were in the air, were also recorded.

In War Games, players have earned 24.5 billion medals, captured 30 million flags, and hijacked 64 million vehicles. It’s safe to say that I will never park in one of Halo 4‘s multiplayer maps.

343 Industries also took the time to announce several pieces of content headed to Halo 4. The Competitive Skill Ranking, or CSR, will arrive in April, with the system spanning levels 1-50. The upcoming Halo 4 Title Update will place “X-Markers” on the heads-up-display, as well as update active camo systems and tune weapons. This update will allow 343 Industries to continuously enable multiplayer changes and updates, allowing users to not have to apply an update.

Finally, Forge Island, a new map, will launch on April 11 for the low price of free. According to 343 Industries, “This one is on us as a thank you.” No, thank you for delivering an amazing game that is Halo 4.

Source: GameSpot Asia