PAX EAST 2013: Leaked Super Street Fighter 4 balance update coming

Capcom announced at their PAX East panel that Super Street Fighter 4 will get a new update to balance it, Top Tier Tactics leaked recently. But what we find more interesting is that Capcom are currently asking the public to give suggestions on balancing, but apparently they’ve already finalized the update.

General Changes and Fixes

  • Reintroduced Championship Mode. This popular tournament-style mode from the original Street Fighter 4 has been reinstated by fan request!
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a player to repeatedly fail to connect to a ranked match
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players from unlocking character colors
  • Added two new characters, Dark Akuma and Evil Seth. While characters like Elena and Alex were popular in Capcom Unity polls, their special move inputs are too counterintuitive for most Street Fighter players
  • Improved connection speed and latency for all international regions except the USA
  • Removed the Replay Channel

There’s a lot of character changes too. While it’s great to see that they’re still making sure the game works well, it’s bad to mislead fans, if it’s true that this is the finalized update.

Elder Scrolls “prefectly suited” to be an MMO, says Bethesda

Bethesda game director Matt Firor was at PAX East 2013 these past couple days, and revealed to GameIndustry his thoughts on the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online game, and where it would fit in between the MMO heavy-hitters already out, such as World of Warcraft and Everquest.

“It is a crowded space, but this is Elder Scrolls. One of things of having a huge IP like Elder Scrolls is it cuts through the noise. It’s safe to say – looking at the lines for people to play – that everyone knows about it. That is the first step to getting a lot of people into the game.”

“Part of the crowded landscape is it’s hard to get your message out there. When you say ‘Elder Scrolls‘, we don’t have a problem getting the message out, which helps us immensely,” said Firor.

He goes on to state his lack of fear of the player expectations of the game. To him, The Elder Scrolls are perfectly suited for an MMO transition.

“We know we have Elder Scrolls players and MMO players that are interested. Skyrim and Elder Scrolls players won’t have problems adapting to the system; it’s very similar. If you’ve never played an Elder Scrolls game, you’re going to need to wrap your brain around it.”

When addressing the comparisons of The Elder Scrolls Online to such games as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Firor is adamant in differentiating the two, stating that Bethesda’s gamewill have fully voiced NPC characters, but will not have full voices for the players, as opposed to The Old Republic. “Old Republic, you had your voice for your character. Here it’s just NPCs, like Skyrim. You supply your character’s voice.”

For Those who are long-time Elder Scrolls fans, such as myself, you know that the series is absolutely perfect for an MMO component. The game’s setting is already vast, the character development is immense, and each player can play the game they want, whether it be as a lone ranger or a member of a large horde. The storyline isn’t narrow, and you have many opportunities to branch out. In fact, there’s already been a few mods to incorporate an MMO capability in Skyrim. That alone proves that the Elder Scrolls community yearns for massive multiplayer, and I’ll be very pleased to see an actual MMO from Bethesda when it releases.

Team Ninja split into two studios

Tecmo Koei have split Team Ninja into two studios, which may drastically effect their major IPs, Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, an official press release translated by Kotaku tells us.

Team Ninja will be recognized as two teams from now:

Ichigaya Development Group 1 and Ichigaya Development Group 2. Ichigaya in Tokyo is the location of the Koei offices.

Yosuke Hayashi the leader of Team Ninja will have a new title, and his official job description won’t have Team Ninja appear in it at all. The new title is a simple “Head of Ichigaya Development Group 1″

And Keisuke Kikuchi, who was senior manager of Team Ninja is now “Head of Ichigaya Development Group 2″ This could be simple re branding really.

Team Ninja were last known to be working on Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z, not the kid’s manga series.

Artist almost quit working on BioShock Infinite due to how offensive it was


Religion in games is always a little bit of a taboo, and a lot of developers will avoid even exploring it.

But, this seems to be the opposite in BioShock Infinite. During an interview with GameSpot, Creative Director Ken Levine told them about how deeply it can hit a religious guy.

“There was a scene in the game at the end where one of our artists got to a point in the game, played it, turned off BioShock, opened up his computer, opened Microsoft Word, and wrote a resignation letter, it had offended him so much.”

However, what you should note is that this actually helped Ken to understand faith a little more and to really deepen Zachary Comstock. Ken realised that forgiveness is something that he can link up closely with, and used it to add some emotion of religion into Comstock.

“I realized that something I could connect to was a notion of forgiveness and what an important part that is of the New Testament, and why Christ was such a revolutionary figure.”

Bioshock Infinite is a first-person action shooter developed by Irrational Games.

Why Led Zeppelin, and Muse never made it into Rock Band

On April 2, Harmonix will release the final downloadable content for Rock Band. Don McLean’s 1971 iconic song, “American Pie,” will be the game’s swan song, and what a run it has been. Since the original launched on November 2007, over 4000 songs digitally have been supplied weekly allowing the jam to continue. During Harmonix‘s Pax East panel, they detailed the issues licensing music, and what music they were looking for.

Chris Rigopulos, vice president of the developer said, “It all starts with a song,” which is created by multiple moving integral parts than the band itself. It’s the biggest reason why very few solo band albums have made their way to Rock Band’s digital marketplace. It was easier for the developer to acquire the rights of a song that’s already out. However, it has not stopped them from creating content for their loyal fan base.

In the game’s prime, Harmonix was exploring the possibility of making Rock Band: Japan, and Pearl Jam: Rock Band. These were previously confirmed projects that the development team announced early in its process that didn’t fruition, but have owed up to their false step. “We made mistakes, we did our best to deliver on what we stupidly promised,” John Drake, director of communications and brand management said. According to Drake both games were full-blown experiences that were in development before they were canceled. What caned Rock Band: Japan was the “small living spaces plus big hardware”, which doesn’t work in small Japanese homes. Pearl Jam: Rock Band based itself on various live shows, and was supposed to release in 2010. The 1990’s alternative rock band has had multiple albums release on the digital marketplace, but knowing the news that this was supposed to be a full game, you have to suspect that maybe some of it was left over work.

For this reason, fan favorite bands didn’t make an appearance. On request submission form, the most requested band was Muse with 616,738 requests, but only provided 1 piece of downloadable content. You would have thought that with that much of a demand they would provided albums worth of music for their digital marketplace, or develop a game similar to Beatles: Rock Band. It’s also worth mentioning that Rock Band: Led Zeppelin was never realized because of the band imagery. It just speaks to how hard it was for Harmonix to make premium artists like the Beatles, and Nirvana available to users.   

The Rock Band franchise was the party game I remember playing endlessly during High School. After listening too how hard it was for them to give us weekly downloadable content for almost five years, I have more of an appreciation for their effort now.

SourcePolygon and IGN

Top 5 characters that should be in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is an upcoming ring fighter game that has all the bloody joy of Mortal Kombat and the huge catalogue of characters from the DC comics. As a comic fan, and a gaming fanatic, I feel it’s my duty to try and give a few pointers to NetherRealm Studios, who are developing it.

The gameplay loosely has two character types, those that focus on brute strength and those that use gadgets, weapons and dirty tricks. In the recent Mortal Kombat you have “X-Ray” attacks; these are kind of power moves that you have to build up. In Injustice: Gods Among Us we’ll see the same kind of thing. But they’ll boast the comic book powers that heroes have.

So far the character roster includes Bane, Batman, Catwoman, Cyborg, Deathstroke, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Joker, Lex Luthor, Nightwing, Solomon Grundy, SupermanWonder Woman, and Aquaman which is impressive – sure. But it could be better.

So, in no particular order here are my top 5 picks of which characters should appear in the game, I’ll look at everything from how the character works, their type and what their super move would be.

Darkseid/Dark Kahn

Darkseid has actually already appeared in a Mortal Kombat game, which was Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. He merged with Shao Kahn, the main antagonist from the Mortal Kombat games, creating Dark Kahn.

Darkseid would fall into the brute strength category of characters. Darkseid is a bit of a powerhouse: he has super strength, speed, invulnerability, telekinesis, and some other insanely overpowered abilities. So for obvious reasons, they’d have to remove some of these. He can fire lasers from his eyes and hands. This can be done really nicely in Mortal Kombat games, and could make his combos great.

His speed would be something that would have to be considered; judging from trailers, Solomon Grundy isn’t actually a slow character, though he is a brute strength character. So it would be interesting to see if they would keep Darkseid’s speed at a normal pace or even perhaps a little faster than the other characters.

If they chose the latter, then they would need to make his combos more complex and have the timescale a lot shorter. The player would only have a very small time frame to hit all the buttons in the right order, or the combo would be ruined. This would be the only real balance for Darkseid.

Darkseid’s super power move would be him firing lasers into the opponent, Darkseid can bend his lasers so they’d uppercut the opponent into the outer atmosphere, then he’d fire the lasers through space slamming the opponent back to the playing arena.

His finisher would involve his omega sanction trap, which sends people through alternate realities progressively getting worse and worse.

Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones would be a strange character to see. In short, Mr. Bones is a skeleton, but he has skin; it’s just transparent, as are his organs. His only real ability is that he sweats cyanide, which could make for a really interesting character.

The best way to play Mr. Bones would be defensively, blocking the opponent’s hits, affecting them with a little poison, this will obviously be weak poison and the character’s punches would be very weak.

This would deepen the gameplay a little; as he would not be considered much of a gadget character, which is a broad term anyway, but nor would he be a brute strength opponent.

Mr. Bones is certainly an interesting character to consider, but he could very easily not work. Have the balance off, make his defences too weak or his poison too strong and he would instantly be ruined.

He also has superhuman strength, which would make the fan boys all pissy when they see that he has weak punches. Mr. Bones is certainly one to consider, but easily the most difficult choice of my list.

His super move would perhaps be something simple. He works with the DEO, a government branch that monitors superhuman activity to protect the public. So we could see him call in a chopper maybe. Kind of like Stryker’s X-Ray, but injected with steroids.

In terms of a finisher, I think we’d have to play with the acid: perhaps he could ram his hand down someone’s throat incinerating them from the inside with acid?


Stompa, as the name may suggest, likes to stomp. She has great durability and strength; obviously, she would be one of the brute strength characters.

She has special boots that allow her to create earthquakes, which could tie in with excellent combos; something that this game is clearly aiming at. At her core, there isn’t a great deal to Stompa but she could really play nicely in the game by using a mix of strength and flourishing combos.

She would create small tremors to knock the opponent into the air, allowing space for a string of devastating, and annoying combos.

Her super move would involve a high magnitude earthquake that opens the stage to a lower level forcing the opponent to plummet down.

Her finisher would be a simple head stomp, but a big one.

Polka -Dot Man

Polka-Dot Man is one of my favourite comic book characters, because he’s so unnecessary. His belt-activated polka-dots do different things; just what these are was never really limited in the comics. This gives NetherRealm Studios the ability to play with this character a hell of a lot.

He’d be a gadget character using all sorts of insane button inputs to cause his dots to do a multitude of different attacks. If we take Noob Saibot as an example, who can really toy with the opponent by dropping him through holes, this could carry over into Polka-Dot Man.

His special move could involve him using a polka-dot that turns into a flying saucer, nose diving into his enemy from space.

His finisher would involve him yanking a polka-dot off his costume and turning it into a black hole, sucking the opponent in.

Marcus Fenix

Issue 16 of the Gears of War comic saw DC take over. Way back in 2007, Midway Games, who at the time were working on Mortal Kombat, saw a showcase of Gears of War, which had originally inspired the grounds for Mortal Kombat 8. They wanted something serious and gritty, but the DC deal came through and we got Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe instead: frivolous, but still a great game.

This could be a slight nod towards that, without having to leave the comfort of a DC zone.

Marcus could go either way; we could see him as a gadget character, which would focus on him using guns and grenades from the Gears of War series, and maybe a little melee. All the guns would be short range; it would be interesting to see the combo link together.

He could alternatively be a brute strength character, which would make his melee the main attack force, backed up by the weaponry from the Gears of War series. This path would mean that chainsaw and retro lancer bayonets would have more play in the combos, whereas the gadget path would use the attachments less.

His super move would involve him capping the enemy in the knee, and then bringing the Hammer of Dawn down onto the crippled opponent.

His finisher would be a classic execution from the Gears of War series, maybe just a simple chainsawing to the face.

Obviously, Marcus Fenix would be an exclusive.

BONUS: Aquaman

Okay. So those of you with your fingers on the pulse will know Aquaman is a playable character, but I wrote this before he was revealed. I thought it would be good to look at my predictions for him.

Original Aquaman segment:

Now let’s face it, if you haven’t been reading DC’s New 52, which was basically a reboot of their heroes. Then you’ll think of Aquaman as some kind of glam rock shiny twink that likes to make people wet. But since New 52, Aquaman has sky-rocketed in popularity. Why? Because he’s awesome.

DCplay on the whole ability to control water in a new way, to the extent they take consideration that people have water in their bodies, and Mera, his wife, expands the water, drowning people from the inside. Well, almost, she’s a good guy and that would be a dick thing to do.

Aquaman would be difficult to put in the game, because he would likely be very range-focused, whereas none of the other characters are. You could of course limit his range; he would play like a mash-up of Sub Zero and Rain from the Mortal Kombat games.

His attacks would have some force behind them, as he’d use the water as spikes, clubs and short range blasts. But they would have to have a limited force or he would have the abilities of a gadget character and the force of a brute character, which means one thing – overpowered.

I would imagine that his trident would play a heavy role, this weapon is medium range and gives him some force behind each blow.  That little bit of extra arm reach would add into combos really well, making him powerful but still not over powered.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is following that gritty kind of feel that has become very popular lately, especially in comics and comic films: think Man of Steel and the latest Batman Trilogy. So sadly, my original idea wouldn’t work. Aquaman’s super ability would be one of two things.

Let’s take on the more comical super move first. Aquaman has the ability to talk to sea creatures. Whales are big; your opponent is not as big as a whale… you see where I’m going with this? Aquaman would use the water to hurl a whale on top your opponent.

Think of the cow scene from Alan Partridge in the episode “Watership Alan.” If you haven’t seen it, then go and watch it then pretend the cow is a whale, and that Alan is your opponent in Gods: Among Us.

Howeverrealistically, I think that we would see Aquaman using a flourish command over the water. This would be something like a dragon made of water that rushes into your opponent.

In terms of a finisher, I’d expect that he would expand the water in the body of your opponent causing them to explode.

And there’s my top five! Who would you pick? Don’t forget to check out all of the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us news right here at Pixel Enemy.

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EA CTO: PS4 and Xbox One a generation ahead of high-end PCs

The PC vs console debate is always a heated one. PC gamers believe that consoles are inferior to PCs in all aspects, and cost a lot more than PC gaming due to expensive games and add-ons/accessories required.

Console owners think PC gaming is messy and expensive due to the need for regular hardware upgrades. And that there isn’t much of a difference in terms of performance.

Executive VP and CTO of Electronic Arts, Rajat Taneja, said in his blog post on Linkedin that the new consoles are “a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market.”

He specifically praised the hardware design, the operating systems, and live services because they “create one of the most compelling platforms to reimagine game mechanics.”

Another important detail that Taneja mentions is that the capabilities and power of the new consoles and their data transfer speeds will eliminate the need to ration system resources. 

Additionally, the benchmarks of video and audio performance on next-gen consoles are reportedly 8-10 times superior to the current-gen.

What do the PC gamers have to say about this one?

Killzone: Shadow Fall’s campaign is finished – hasn’t gone gold

Late February during Sony’s reveal of the PlayStation 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall was showcased to the public for the first time. It was believed by many that it would be a launch title for the system, and more proof is surfacing that would likely make it true.  Steven ter Heide, game director of Killzone: Shadow Fall has been talking about his game on twitter, and recently revealed that the game’s single-player campaign has been finished for months, and is currently in playtest form.

Update: I asked Steven ter Heide if Killzone: Shadow Fall has gone gold over twitter and he responded saying, “the game is not gold no. That will happen closer to launch.”

So what exactly does this mean for Killzone, and the PlayStation 4. Guerrilla Games is one of the many first-party studios that Sony has that provides exclusives for its console. The fact that Shadow Fall‘s single player component is already done does forecast that it’s easier for developers to develop for this next gen console than its current iteration. Like Steven said the game is still months away from launch, but we should hear more about the game very soon. Are you fan of the series? What do you want the most out of Killzone: Shadow Fall? Let us know in the comment below.

Source: Twitter

Torment Kickstarter Breaks All Records For Fastest Fundraising Campaign

Torment is another game which was funded by the community through crowdfunding.

However, Torment not only managed to achieve its crowdfunding goal but, also managed to break records.

Aside from achieving its goal the game has also broken the fastest fundraising campaign record.

Meaning, at the time of writing, no other fundraising campaign has been as successful as this game.

It remains to be seen, if the game was worth to make it a record holder. If the developers manage to make a decent game then it will be worth it.

What are your expectations from the game. Let us know in the comments.