Team Ninja split into two studios

Tecmo Koei have split Team Ninja into two studios, which may drastically effect their major IPs, Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, an official press release translated by Kotaku tells us.

Team Ninja will be recognized as two teams from now:

Ichigaya Development Group 1 and Ichigaya Development Group 2. Ichigaya in Tokyo is the location of the Koei offices.

Yosuke Hayashi the leader of Team Ninja will have a new title, and his official job description won’t have Team Ninja appear in it at all. The new title is a simple “Head of Ichigaya Development Group 1″

And Keisuke Kikuchi, who was senior manager of Team Ninja is now “Head of Ichigaya Development Group 2″ This could be simple re branding really.

Team Ninja were last known to be working on Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z, not the kid’s manga series.