Artist almost quit working on BioShock Infinite due to how offensive it was


Religion in games is always a little bit of a taboo, and a lot of developers will avoid even exploring it.

But, this seems to be the opposite in BioShock Infinite. During an interview with GameSpot, Creative Director Ken Levine told them about how deeply it can hit a religious guy.

“There was a scene in the game at the end where one of our artists got to a point in the game, played it, turned off BioShock, opened up his computer, opened Microsoft Word, and wrote a resignation letter, it had offended him so much.”

However, what you should note is that this actually helped Ken to understand faith a little more and to really deepen Zachary Comstock. Ken realised that forgiveness is something that he can link up closely with, and used it to add some emotion of religion into Comstock.

“I realized that something I could connect to was a notion of forgiveness and what an important part that is of the New Testament, and why Christ was such a revolutionary figure.”

Bioshock Infinite is a first-person action shooter developed by Irrational Games.