Microsoft issues official statement regarding creative director’s “interesting” words on “always-online”

Yesterday, the videogame world was once again treated to another rumor about Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox. Supposedly, the Xbox 720 — or whatever it’s going to be called — won’t allow players to play any game without an active internet connection. Yes, that includes single-player games, too. Unfortunately for Microsoft, one of their employees, Microsoft Studios […]

Microsoft: Sony claims more power every gen but in the end, games “on our system” looked the same or better

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft Director of Product Planning Albert Penello mentioned that they want to offer a better digital experience on the Xbox One compared to Steam and iOS. Over on NeoGAF where this same subject has been brought up, Penello himself posted on the forums to clear a few things up and one […]

PAX Prime 2013: Microsoft event “surprises” are Titanfall and LocoCyle playable demos

Last week, Microsoft’s Major Nelson teased that there were a a “few surprises” in store for Xbox One fans attending PAX Prime that he wasn’t allowed to “divulge” at the time. Over on NeoGAF, user Badosh asked Major Nelson on Twitter what these “surprises” were since, y’know, PAX Prime is happening right now as we […]

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison on policy reversals: some of the things we proposed were “a little too far into the future”

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison has admitted to EDGE that some of the things that the company proposed for the Xbox One were a “a little too far into the future.” Harrison was referring to Microsoft’s Xbox One policy reversals. He said: I think when you create a vision of the future, you paint the vision of the future […]

Microsoft reminding gamers that they’ve done a “180″ on DRM for the Xbox One, sends newsletter

By now, chances are you’ve heard of Microsoft’s “180″ when it comes to their DRM reversal, but what about the other people who don’t frequent gaming sites, forums and the like? Well, it seems the company is now also sending newsletters reminding people that yes, they’ve reversed their stance when it comes to people owning […]