PAX Prime 2013: Microsoft event “surprises” are Titanfall and LocoCyle playable demos

Last week, Microsoft’s Major Nelson teased that there were a a “few surprises” in store for Xbox One fans attending PAX Prime that he wasn’t allowed to “divulge” at the time.

Over on NeoGAF, user Badosh asked Major Nelson on Twitter what these “surprises” were since, y’know, PAX Prime is happening right now as we speak and well, the “surprises” aren’t really that surprising.

Major Nelson responded by saying, “Titanfall and LocoCyle are both playable on the show floor.”

For those anticipating the Xbox One’s release date, a game reveal or whatnot, sad to say, it doesn’t look like it’s happening at the expo and you’ll have to contend yourselves with these “surprises” instead.

Then again, now that you think about it, it would seem a bit of a stretch if we were hoping a “big” game would be revealed this weekend. I mean, Microsoft would have surely announced it at gamescom if so, right?

What do you make of these “surprises? Disappointed or were you not expecting much right from the get go?