Microsoft cancels E3 post-press conference media roundtable

In a rather strange move, Microsoft has seemingly cancelled their E3 post-conference roundtable with the media for the Xbox One.

This was revealed by Steve Tilley who covers tech and gaming for Sun Media over on Twitter earlier today.

Tilley adds that he got this notice from an email sent by Micrsoft’s PR agency.

For now, we’re unsure if this means that the media roundtable will be rescheduled or just shelved for unknown reasons.

If it is indeed cancelled, is it because Microsoft will be able to answer almost every question gamers and the media has in its E3 presser? Or are they cancelling it as to avoid the media asking a ton of questions that they want to remain close to their chests for now?

Speculate away in the comments and let us know why you think Microsoft has cancelled the roundtable.