UPDATE: Call of Duty: Ghosts menu and multiplayer screenshot leaked, mentions “Elite Mode” — Rumor

UPDATE 2: An Activision rep has emailed us and has confirmed that the screens are indeed fakes. UPDATE: Over on this thread in NeoGAF, user mangochutney has spotted where this supposed leak came (in Activision’s Ghosts reveal trailer) and has pointed out the extra elbow which you can see in the screenshot above. We’re still […]

13-year old kid attempts to rape mother & ends up killing her for taking away Call of Duty

UPDATE: We have rectified the headline for clarity. Noah Crooks “attempted” to rape his mom and has not actually done the act. Headline has been changed, but the deed is still despicable nonetheless) A 14 year old Osage, Iowa boy is on trial for shooting and killing his mother, Gretchen Crooks, last March. The jury […]