Call of Duty Dog opens a Twitter account – cat is out of the bag

If you watched the Xbox One launch, you probably saw the Call of Duty developer video that showed off some of the things we’ll see in the upcoming COD: Ghosts. Well, the thing that stood out (other than the dirt under the nails) was the use of dogs. You’ll be able to play the game and have your dog sniff out bombs, attack enemies and most likely get shot.

Within minutes, a Twitter account for ‘Call of Duty Dog’ was opened, has an image from the game as a profile pic and goes by the Twitter name @CollarDuty.

Some of the tweets have been comedy gold already to the more than 2500 followers.

“And can I just say, Watch Dogs? There’s only room for one dog this Holiday season. #TopDog”

“Exclusive DLC coming to Xbox One. DLC, of course, stands for Doggy Loves Content #woof”

“Haters, you said I was a bitch, but who’s the top dog now? #growl”

Not sure how long the jokes will last, but it was easily the most memorable item I took from the launch.

Source: Twitter