UPDATE: Call of Duty: Ghosts menu and multiplayer screenshot leaked, mentions “Elite Mode” — Rumor

UPDATE 2: An Activision rep has emailed us and has confirmed that the screens are indeed fakes.

UPDATE: Over on this thread in NeoGAF, user mangochutney has spotted where this supposed leak came (in Activision’s Ghosts reveal trailer) and has pointed out the extra elbow which you can see in the screenshot above.

We’re still awaiting official word from Activision PR but for now, it seems this is indeed a forgery.

Original Story:

While we wait for E3 for all the big news in gaming, it seems the leaks might be starting well ahead of the event.

Over in NeoGAF, a user spotted YouTube user Revival1518 has uploaded what he claims as “multiplayer gameplay footage” of Call of Duty: Ghosts. I gather that’s a bit of an overstatement since there’s not actual “footage,” but there is a couple of screenshots.

Here’s the video where you can see a single screenshot of Ghosts‘ multiplayer, the game’s main menu where it mentions an “Elite Mode” and the user seemingly trolling someone from Activision.

Best to watch that now before Activision’s legal hounds order it be taken down. For those who want to pore over the details, we’ve also embedded each image below.

While it looks to be the real thing, we’re still calling it a rumor until Activision confirms or denies it. We’ve contacted an Activision rep and will update the post once they’ve replied.

Do you think the screens are legit? If so, what do you make of it and what do you think “Elite Mode” is? Maybe another variation of Spec Ops or another new mode altogether?