The Last Of Us Campaign Is Our Longest Ever, Claims Naughty Dog

Naughty Dos is taking a break from its Uncharted franchise to deliver us The Last Of Us. A brand new IP from the studio which happens to features the longest campaign for any Naughty Dog game.

According to Naughty Dog, The Last Of Us is the studio’s mist ambitious project to date. Furthermore, the studio confirmed that The game features the longest campaign compared to any other of there games.

In many ways [The Last of Us] Naughty Dog is the most ambitious project is. It is a brand new universe with new characters, groundbreaking technology, a new genre, and by far the longest campaign that Naughty Dog has ever made.

The upcoming game comes following the success of Uncharted 3. Also, given that this is the end of the current-gen consoles, The Last of Us might be the last PlayStation exclusive to launch on PlayStation 3.

The Last of Us is a third-person action-adventure game in development at Naughty Dog. The game will release on June 14, 2013, exclusively for PlayStation 3.

EA “will throw everything they have” at Sim City servers

A lot of angry gamers in the US are having trouble connecting to the Sim City servers. EA took down the servers yesterday in an attempt to fix them; it only launched on Tuesday.

Sim City uses a very annoying DRM (Digital Rights Management,) you have to be connected online all the time to play it. This is a way of crippling piracy, but also has a lot of issues. Such as the one highlighted in this article.

Senior producer Kip Katsarelis took to the EA forums to address the gamers.

While the ongoing issues are troubling, we can also see that players are really enjoying the game. In a single 24 hour period, there were more than 38 million buildings plopped down, nearly 7 and a half million kilometers of roads laid down, 18+ million fires started and (my favorite fact) over 40 million pipes filled up with poop.

This team has put everything into this game and won’t stop until things are smooth. We ask our fans to be patient as our team works diligently to fix the issues. We share your passion for SimCity and thank you for your support and understanding.

It’s good to see EA at least address the problem on the forum, it shows a common ground with fans.  For people like me, in the UK we don’t even get it until March 8, so at least the fixes should be well under way.

GDC 2013: Facebook confirmed for the PlayStation 4

Today, Sony provided a technical blue print for developers during their panel at GDC 2013. Chris Norden, Senior Staff Engineer hosted the panel and went over much of the same information that was given to us during late February’s reveal of the PlayStation 4, but this time it was geared towards developers. Norden during his panel, he confirmed that Facebook will indeed make its way onto the PlayStation 4.

The social network site is already a part of the PlayStation 3, but in a very small capacity. By moving to a social network, your PlayStation ID will be based on two identities that. Your facebook name will be tied into PlayStation account making it seamless to connect with your friends. Sony has smartly allowed users the ability to hide their real name. Sony is making integrating social networks a pillar for their next generation console with the inclusion of a share button on the controller.

This feature allows you to stream video of live gameplay, with users being able to watch, and interact. Audience members can comment on the action, making the player a commentator. As of now, it still hasn’t been confirmed that Twitch TV or Youtube would make there way onto the platform. We should hear more about this when E3 2013 rolls around in early June.

Eurogamer Expo could return to the North

Eurogamer Expo or EGX is UK’s premier video games show. However, the expo could come to North America.

Now obviously, the EGX coming to North America depends upon the gamers themselves. If enough gamers ask for it, the event creators will definitely consider it bringing it to the North.

However, one has to wonder, with so many video game events already happening all year long, do we really need another one added to the list?

What do you think of Eurogamer Expo coming to North? Let us know in the comments.

SimCity Fans Petition For An Offline Mode After Server Woes

SimCity has launched and it is safe to say fans aren’t happy with always online requirement. That is why fans have started a petition for a SimCity offline mode.

The petition asks EA to release an Origin free offline mode. The reason behind fans asking for an offline mode for SimCity is the fact that the game asks players to be online even for singleplayer mode.

Not only that, the servers for the game can’t even handle the incoming uer traffic as there aren’t enough servers to handle players.

This results in players waiting in ongoing ques and waiting for the servers. Needles to say, the petition got positive response from the SimCity community.

Will EA remove the always online requirements for the game, remains to be seen. However, if there are enough players asking for it, then EA will be forced to do it.

New Half Life 3 image leaked? We call bullsh*t!

We stumbled across an image on Reddit today citing a post on MordorHQ that seemed to indicate GameInformer had a lead on Half Life 3. The image is certainly compelling: two shadowy figures walking away from a crashed helicopter in some arctic wasteland with what looks like the remains of a citadel in the distance. However, after a little digging, we’re firmly calling “bullshit” on the post, as the picture looks like an edit of a few images from a June 2012 post on ValveTime.

We’d love to believe the GameInformer image was real, and we’ll keep our hopes up for something at E3, but for now, the “leak” sits squarely in the realm of the cow cookies.

Source: Common sense, critical thinking, a web browser and an Internet connection.

Payday 2 dev talks game patch costs, is totally understanding

Patching games on “modern consoles” is not a cheap affair, according to Double Fine’s Tim Schafer. According to Schafer, it can cost at least $40,000 to patch a game on consoles. For any developer for games on consoles, this is quite the cost to simply patch a game. Overkill Software’s Simon Vikland, however, believes that time’s a-changin’.

According to Vikland, the 30-person group that comprises Overkill Software was caught off-guard by how much post-release content Payday: The Heist required. At the same time, the team was far from being a fan for how much the associated expense is on consoles. “On the PC we can do it for free – let’s put it up there,” says Vikland

Unfortunately, Vikland echoes Schafer’s sentiments. According to Vikland, “it costs a lot of money to do that on consoles, and it’s not up to us, unfortunately – we’re not made out of money. So we thought, let’s wait until we have enough changes and then we can pay that cost and put the patch out there on PS3.”

While Vikland understands why manufacturers might want to do things this way, he is also relieved hearing that this policy may not last until the end of time. “I’ve heard stories that for the next generation, they’re making it possible to self-publish patches. That’s a rumour. And that would be nice.”

Although Vikland is not thrilled at the cost of patching games on consoles, he does understand why Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft want to control this aspect of the console environment. In short: quality control. “They want to play-test, they want to make sure that it doesn’t crash.”

What are your thoughts on Vikland’s thoughts?

Source: OXM UK

Dice Officially Done With Battlefield 3 On The Prowl For A New Community Manager

DICE has confirmed that with the launch of End Game expansion, the studio is done supporting Battlefield 3.

Meaning, DICE is now done releasing new DLC or bug fixes for the game. So don’t expect any new content for the game.

It is possible that the studio is working on its next game, possibly, Battlefield 4.

Fans of Battlefield 3 will be disappointed with DICE ending support for the game. It also remains to be seen for how long EA will keep the serves up.

However, given the sheer amount of players playing it right now, there is a chance that EA will continue to keep the servers live, at least for a few years from now.

Battlefield 3 is a first-person action shooter developed by DICE. The game is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Watch Dogs Designer Leaves Ubisoft To Join EA

Watch Dogs is one of the most anticipated games. Ubisoft first showcased it at E3 2012 and since then gamers are eager to get their hands on the game. However, before that happens, Watch Dogs designer has left Ubisoft.

Watch Dog’s Lead game designer, Jamie Keen has left Ubisoft and joined EA. Keen was also the lead game designer for Far Cry 3.

Keen has joined the Ghost Games, as the studio is working on an unannounced Need For Speed Title. It’s highly likely that Keen has joined as the lead designer to work on this unannounced Need For Speed game.

Given that how EA is pushing the Forstbite engine for all of its games, it is possible that Ghost Games will use the Frostbite 2 Engine for its Need For Speed game.

As for Watch Dogs, its not all doom and gloom. Since the game is near its release, it is possible that most of the design work on Watch Dos is done.

Company Of Heroes 2 Coming June 25th

Following the closure of THQ, Sega acquired Company of Heroes IP. Now, Company of Heroes 2 finally has a release date.

According to Sega, Company of Heroes 2 will launch on June 25th. However, fans aren’t happy with the delay.

Sega noted that the delay will allow Relic Entertainment ”
to “meet the high standard set by its predecessor [Company of Heroes]”.

We hate to disappoint our fans with a later than expected date as we know they are eager to play but we feel that the additional time will help the team deliver the high quality sequel fans deserve,” added fellow producer Greg Wilson. “However, the wait won’t be long as players will soon be able to help us test and balance multiplayer in the upcoming Closed Beta. Details will follow shortly.

Company Of Heroes 2 is a real-time strategy game in development at Relic Entertainment.