Call of Duty: Ghosts all known Perks icons, descriptions and rules — Plan your loadout ahead

One of the most significant bit of info Infinity Ward revealed at their multiplayer event was how Perks would work in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

They are adapting a similar system to Black Ops 2′s “Pick 10,” but this time, Perks will be spread across seven different tiers, where players can spend a maximum of eight points. Each tiered Perk will cost differently, so players can choose to rock two “four-point” Perks, or outfit their character with as much one-point Perks as much as possible.

Shown below are the complete list of Perks known so far, as well as their icons and descriptions (via Reddit):

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Now that you know the Perks, which loadout will you be sporting come November 5?

Thanks, MP1st!