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Earlier we posted a boatload of juicy Call of Duty: Ghosts info that was detailed in an official press release….

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Earlier we posted a boatload of juicy Call of Duty: Ghosts info that was detailed in an official press release. Activision really didn’t hold back, finally revealing the multiplayer component of one of the most hotly anticipated games ever.

Well, Activision didn’t cover everything in their press release. Those with a keen eye may have noticed some of the new features I’m about to list:

Seven new game modes in totalAlong with “Squads” which was detailed in the press release, Call of Duty: Ghosts also boasts the new game modes “Cranked” and “Search & Rescue”. Cranked is an anti-camper game type that promises to be explosive and fast-paced, as players kill to stay alive before their personal timer runs out and they detonate. Search & Rescue combines the intensity of Search & Destroy with the much-loved mechanics of Kill Confirmed. Players can revive their teammates by picking up their dropped dog tags.

Other new game types include: “Wargame”, a 5 vs 5 mode; “Safeguard”, 4-player co-op mode where you fight waves of enemies; and “Squad Assault”, 6-player co-op.

Female soldiers are playableFinally women are coming to the Battlef- warzone! It has taken a while for this feature to be implemented, and finally the tenth Call of Duty includes women characters.

Freedom of perk choicePlayers will now be able to create their dream set-up with over 35 perks available for maximum customisation. A budget of eight points can be spent on whatever perks a player wants, with more powerful perks costing more points.

Field OrdersDuring a match players will be able to pick up a blue briefcase. This briefcase presents the holder with a challenge which, when completed, earns that team a care package and equipment refill.

Snow stages confirmedSnow maps are coming again to Call of Duty. In the past these have either been gruesomely terrible, or fan favourites. Let’s hope they’re the latter with this one.

Riley to feature in multiplayerThe German Shepherd featured in the single-player, will also feature in Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer.

Point streak system returnsCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had a pretty successful “point streak” system, with players being rewarded not only for kills, but for making an effort towards playing the objective. These are making a return, along with the “Strike Packages” allowing for extensive point streak customisation.

New weapon classPlayers will now be able to play with a sniper/assault rifle hybrid. These weapons are reminiscent of the primaries seen in the earliest Call of Duty titles.

Twenty new killstreaksAllowing players to wreak more havoc than ever before, 20 new killstreaks have been added to the game. However, the number of air-based killstreaks available has been reduced.

New animationsThe ability to slide and mantle enhances the speed and fluidity of movement that Call of Duty is famous for. Players will also be able to lean without having to push a button. Leaving part of your body unexposed will allow you to check your corners more safely before making your move.

Deathstreaks are goneHated by most, deathstreaks rewarded players for dying. These have now finally been left out.

Ten soldiers, ten levels of prestige, ten prestige soldiersSquads play a huge part in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and to truly “complete” the multiplayer component of the game, you will have to level up separate soldiers, encouraging you to experience the game in different ways.

New audio systemCall of Duty: Ghosts will sound better than ever, as locational battlechatter precisely describes the locations of enemies, and the noise of gunfire changes depending on the shooter’s whereabouts. Those out in the open will hear a completely different range of noises compared to those inside buildings.

Current-gen will benefit every feature from next-genXbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players will not miss out on any of these new features. Graphical fidelity will be the only difference, allowing all players the complete and total Call of Duty: Ghosts experience.

Eminem’s “Survival” to be featured in-gameMaking it’s debut during the multiplayer live stream, Eminem’s new single “Survival” will feature in this title.

Split-screen supportedToo many games miss this out, but with Call of Duty: Ghosts you can still experience online multiplayer together with a friend locally.

New Call of Duty Endowment charity dog tagsAt $4.99, proceeds made from these dog tags will go to help veterans get good civilian jobs.

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