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Yesterday was a big day for Call of Duty fans as Activision and Infinity Ward went on stage to reveal the multiplayer…

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Yesterday was a big day for Call of Duty fans as Activision and Infinity Ward went on stage to reveal the multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

While we already showed you the trailer, had you catch up on what was revealed and what you might have missed, but it wouldn’t be a complete reveal without us telling you and rating what we saw. So, were we blown away at the reveal or was it it underwhelming? Read on to find out.

Patrick Day-Childs

I found the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer trailer to be, well, annoying. It was marketed so well and it got me excited for the game, but I’m a little concerned by the cover mechanic. It seems like they’re trying to make things more destructive but not copy Battlefield, the destruction looks like it’s going to be done in a different way.

I’m pretty excited for that. And the customization looks good, I mean I’ve always been skeptical about customization on FPS’, but if you’re able to record your game and see the characters then it makes sense, having a female option has been a long time coming.

But then there’s the mechanics, I hate the cover mechanic they’ll be using. It’s that “lean out of cover with one button” mechanic, I like having to crouch and make my own cover but the campers will have a field day sitting behind a pillar switching left and right. I miss Call of Duty 4, just fix the servers on that game and boot the hackers.

Grade: B

Mack Ashworth:

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer actually impressed me. I’m not naive enough to believe that Infinity Ward would make any drastic changes to the franchise, and so I was pleased with the plethora of minor changes we were shown. The new game modes look great, with “Cranked” in particular looking like a lot of fun. Fast and frantic is how I like my Call of Duty, and so this game mode really appealed to me.

Class customisation reaches new heights, allowing players to really go their own way with their set-up. Back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, players stuck to three staple perks. Now, with Ghosts, players look to have a lot more choice when creating effective classes.

A lot of interesting footage was shown off at the reveal, and the title really looked solid to me. There looks to be lots to see and do, which should keep fans busy… at least up until the release of the eleventh game in 2014.

Grade: B

Alex Co:

The multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Ghosts did not impress me much. There, I said it. I appreciate the advancements Infinity Ward is bringing to the table, but most of them, if I’m being honest, are heavily borrowed from its fiercest competitor.

When speaking of “fiercest” competitor, you can already guess I’m alluding to DICE’s Battlefieldfranchise. From knife attacks now resembling BF3′s knife takedowns, to the “new” vaulting animation; and of course, who can’t not comment on the new “dynamic map” feature that seems to be a miniature version of DICE’s destruction mechanic in Battlefield.

Speaking of destruction, the footage we saw showed walls crumbling from blasts and whatnot, but we have no clue if the whole level is like that or just per-determined parts.

You know that saying imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? If so, DICE must be blushing like schoolgirls these days.

Mind you, DICE themselves aren’t innocent when it comes to “borrowing,” but that’s a different topic altogether.

There are a few good stuff, though. The aforementioned soldier customization seems to be at a whole new level. They’re adding a slide and mini-lean maneuver which should help add new layers of strategy to the tried-and-tested CoD multiplayer formula and a few more to make Ghosts stand out.

But for all the advancements IW has made, there’s one major hurdle they’ve yet to overcome and that’s the game’s visuals.

With all of Hershberg’s and Infinity Ward’s claims that Ghosts is on a  “new engine,” I just fail to see it. It’s gotten to the point that I literally had to ask people whether the footage I was watching was from the Xbox 360, Xbox One or PC. Yep, it was that bad, I think.

Another ray of sunshine I was hoping for was dedicated servers for next-gen consoles. That would have been a huge win for Activision if they announced dedicated servers for Ghosts, but for now, we’re left to assume that PS4 and Xbox One gamers are once again left to rot in P2P matchmaking. I can already hear my killcam and K/D ratio weeping at this possibility.

At the end of the day though, will it even matter? People will still gobble up anything Call of Duty-related, right?

Grade: C


Do you agree with our grades? What would you have rated Ghosts‘ multiplayer reveal? Sound off in the comments!

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