“Wait until June for our next project” says Just Cause developers

Avalanche studios who developed Just Cause have suggested that Just Cause 3 will be announced in June. Speaking to Polygon, Avalanche Studios founder Christopher Sundburg said

“Just wait till June. We’ll have more to say in June.”

Rumours believe that the Xbox 720 may launch in June, which could point to a launch title from Avalanche studios. We already know they’ve been developing on the PlayStation 4. They also mentioned that they’re working on two projects not just one.

“We have two bigger projects in development. One in New York. One in Stockholm. And we just started a mobile division – it’s just three people.”

We’ve seen a few teasers of Just Cause 3, or at least what we believe are teasers. This image was leaked awhile back via Twitter. It’s entirely possible that the game will launch on both current generation consoles and next generation consoles, or it could be one IP for each; the simple answer is that we don’t know yet.