Just Cause devs: PS4 development “a walk in the park”

One of the major deterrents this generation of gaming for Sony has been the PlayStation 3′s complicated development. It’s gotten so bad that most, if not all, current-gen games use the Xbox 360 as the lead platform.

This might not be the case with the PlayStation 4. Avalanche Studios, the developers behind the Just Cause franchise, has described developing for Sony’s next-gen platform as a “walk in the park.”

In an interview with Develop, Avalanche Studios CTO Linus Bloomberg showered Sony’s PS4 with praise, but also admits it will take some time for some devs to be familiar with the platform.

Compared to the PS3 it’s a walk in the park…I think that’s one of the major lessons Sony learned with the last generation, you have to be accessible for the developers to be successful. Of course, there’s still some quirkiness involved, especially if you’re used to a Windows development environment.

I gather this is the sort of news PlayStation fans have been waiting for, no? Hopefully this means PS4 and Xbox 720 ports will be on-par with each other.