Trine Games tricked staff into thinking they were moving, then laid them off without pay

Trine Games haven’t really developed much of interest, you can see what they have made here. It’s mostly cricket games, so they’re not really a household company name – but you know what they did do? Lie to their employees, MCV India have found.

CEO Sangam Gupta apparently told employees in early June that they would have to close the studio for 10 days as they were moving it to a new location, but then 20 employees were told they were getting laid off immediately – without pay.

The studio now has 17 staff members who aren’t getting paid and aren’t working, Gupta told them that work would resume on July 2nd, and has since then given several different dates.

This blog post which is apparently from a currently employed member at Trine Games says:

“they are a useless life suckers .. no salaries is paid to the animater for months straight, i have seen people eat 2 bananas and 1 pack of maggie in an entire day due to lake [lack] of money”

“the HR girl Pradnya Burke is a bitch and the owner’s pet she will shit her pants of he wants also Nitin Gupta”

I never encourage staff members to shout at each other, but I can understand why the guy would be frustrated.