Report: U.S. PS4 pre-orders at 1.7:1 compared to Xbox One, BF4 leading CoD: Ghosts in most pre-ordered game for PS4

It’s been no secret that the PlayStation 4 has had a rather easier time in comparison to Microsoft’s Xbox One. While most people assumed Sony was leading the race against pre-orders, we didn’t exactly know by how much. Over on VGChartz, they’ve now posted what they claim is data they’ve gathered regarding the U.S.pre-order numbers for […]

PS4 architecture offers more flexibility than PC architecture, says Mark Cerny

PlayStation 4′s lead system architect Mark Cerny has been in the headlines several times recently, hasn’t he? After coming out and not only revealing the 700-man team behind Destiny, but also proclaiming the PS4 will bring “the renaissance of gaming,” Cerny has now come out and talked about PS4′s flexible architecture. Talking to VG247, Cerny compared PS4 to […]