Two lucky winners in Dubai are the first owners of the PS4

If you’re excited to grab your mitts around Sony’s upcoming next-gen console the PlayStation 4, then the images below might make you green with envy.

Posted on PlayStation Middle East’s Facebook page are the world’s first-ever owners of the PS4 that’s not working for Sony.

Spotted by NeoGAF user L.O.R.D., the two winners from the GAME 13 Expo in Dubai are Hamad Al Hai and Naji Riydah and you can see them holding the console’s packaging in the screens below.

Unfortunately, we don’t know whether those boxes contain actual PS4s or just prop boxes. If I had to hazard a guess, it’s the latter and the winners’ consoles will be shipped to them once it officially becomes available later this year.

But if I’m wrong, I’m guessing those two will be hounded by people to sell their consoles for un-boxings, tech dissections and whatnot. They can also sell it online, which I’m sure Sony thought of.

If you’re from Dubai and know of the event, let us know what happened and if the actual PS4s were given out.