American McGee talks about Kickstarter, next-gen consoles, triple “I” titles, and fart apps

“I want to be the next Walt Disney, only a little more wicked.” – American McGee We’ve been anticipating American McGee’s Kickstarter announcement since he first started gauging interest for an Alice sequel on his Facebook page a few months ago. Teasing us ever so gently with ideas and images for Alice: Otherlands and OZombie, […]

American McGee: Kickstarter conundrums, the legacy of Alice and updates to OZombie – Exclusive Video Interview

We’ve previously reported on the OZombie Kickstarter campaign, and even before that, posted our interview with American McGee. Being fans of the original Alice titles, we were watching the funding for OZombie, and were a little disappointed when the comments started to become quite negative to the project – particularly with regards to the title which seemed to be quite misunderstood. With 24 days […]