American McGee: Kickstarter conundrums, the legacy of Alice and updates to OZombie – Exclusive Video Interview

We’ve previously reported on the OZombie Kickstarter campaign, and even before that, posted our interview with American McGee. Being fans of the original Alice titles, we were watching the funding for OZombie, and were a little disappointed when the comments started to become quite negative to the project – particularly with regards to the title which seemed to be quite misunderstood.

With 24 days left to go in the funding project for McGee’s next Wizard of Oz-inspired title, we approached him with some straight-up questions about how he felt the project was going, how the legacy of Alice has helped or hindered any of his future work, and why he feels the Oz project isn’t as successful as it might have been so far.

What follows is a very candid and forthcoming interview with possibly one of the most creative and least understood individuals in the gaming industry.

American McGee’s Kickstarter for his Wizard of Oz based project has 24 days left of funding and at the time of press was $138,119 towards the goal of $950,000.