Rumor: Xbox One to launch in only 13 countries and not 21 as originally planned

Last month at E3, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would see a release in only 21 countries with Asia getting the console in 2014.

Well, if this new rumor from Polish gaming site Polygamia is to be believed, that number has now been cut to 13. Spotted on NeoGAF, it states that with Microsoft’s “180” of it’s DRM policy, the previous target of 21 countries has been affected and one of these territories is Russia.

In addition to that tidbit, the Xbox One’s release in Poland is said to be in the “third or fourth” wave, which is on June 2014 at the earliest.

There’s also one other snag when it comes to Poland, the site also states that with the Xbox 360 being outpaced by the PS3 in sales, Microsoft Poland is considering a “plan B” that includes importing Xbox One consoles from some other European country and selling it locally.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor until verified or debunked by Microsoft. We’ve contacted a Microsoft rep and will update the story once we hear back from them.