Respawn on Titanfall being 1080p on Xbox One: We’ll see, frame-rate is “king”

With Battlefield 4 still not being confirmed to run at 1080p resolution for next-gen consoles, shooter fans have understandably been concerned how the latest and greatest shooters will look come the PS4 and Xbox One’s release.

Speaking of shooters, none might be as anticipated as Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, which impressed both media game event goers at this year’s gamescom to win the show’s “Best Next-Gen Console Game” category.

So, will Titanfall be running at 1080p when it’s released on the Xbox One next year? Apparently, that’s still not decided up to this day.

In an interview with DigitalFoundry, Titanfall producer Drew McCoy was asked whether it’s going to be 1080p resolution at 60fps for the game’s Xbox One version.

We’ll see how performance goes. Frame-rate is king.

We’re not talking about it [laughs]. I’ll say that the guys who are doing it are really smart and they’re doing a good job on it. We’re fairly hands-off on it. We’re not telling them what to do but we have calls about it, we see it, we sync our Perforces… it’s not going to be its own separate crazy off-shoot game with different content. The goal is to have the same gameplay experience.

Based on his answer, I take it they haven’t nailed or decided on the resolution yet, but it does seem like 60fps is their top priority as of the moment with his “frame-rate is king” comment.

In the same interview, McCoy reveals that they’re using Valve’s Source engine as their engine for Titanfall, but adds, ” we’ve replaced… it’s a whole new renderer, all-new audio code, all-new net code, all-new input code for gamepad. There’s some stuff that we’ve just improved but we’ve done massive changes. We have our own level editor, we have our own lighting, the way that maps are compiled.”

What do you think, shooter fans? Is achieving 1080p resolution that important or is a stable and 60fps frame-rate more important for gameplay? Let us know what you think in the comments below.