Remember Me hands-on preview: Remembering other games

I got hands-on with Remember Me at the MCM Expo and we’re here to give you our thoughts on the game so far.

The game is set in the year 2084, Paris has become Neo-Paris and looks like present day Tokyo, lots of neon lights and signs.

There are some very familiar platforming segments in the game that have you climbing up the signs and walls, it felt a whole lot like Tomb Raider or Uncharted; but it was well-thought out and had a lot of exciting pieces, pipes drop and hot steam fires from them forcing you to evade within seconds, which was a nice touch.

The combat in the game is great, it felt a little like the RockSteady Batman Arkham game series. You can mix up and make your own combos, dodge and counter. There are  also special attacks that grant some sort of super abilities, like running really quickly or being able to turn hostiles into allies and this helped in making the fighting mechanics feel fresh. However, though it felt good, it was not very challenging. For enemies, there were a few different kinds with the general categories being regular size, and big.

You’re able to replay memories in real time, this is a key factor of the game. Stealing memories and using them to avoid hazards and traps, but it just didn’t work very well .Honestly, the game feels like it’s something you’ve played before; one that has been done over and over with the other dozen or so action-adventure games out now.

So all in all, this game has a certain element of fun to it for sure, but with the release date being June 4, it has to contend with DeadpoolThe Last of Us, and Company of Heroes 2, which makes me doubt if Remember Me has enough fight in it to make a difference.