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While at the MCM Expo I got hands on with the Deadpool game. This was the first time that the…

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While at the MCM Expo I got hands on with the Deadpool game. This was the first time that the general public could get hands on worldwide. The game is as insane and wacky as Deadpool fans would want it to be.

It opens up with Deadpool in his house, where he is trying to get a game of himself made, but the game companies didn’t like any of his ideas. So he plants explosives in their offices, in hopes of making the developers more interested in making the game. I was then free to roam around his house and interact with a few things like his pet dog and his “blow-up” doll. Eventually Wolverine calls Deadpool on the phone just to insult him, which made me wonder if Wolverine would be there as a boss or something.

This segment can be really short if you want it to be, or you can stick around for awhile. I was able to look into his weapons area, and for some reason, it showed a bunch of weapons you couldn’t actually use in the actual game.

After, I was then taken to the next level, there was a brief tutorial giving you the basics, fast attacks, strong attacks, counters and a teleport move, which essentially acted as dodges in other games.

After I finished the tutorial two options were presented to me, this is an early example of the insanity that the game presents, and is also where I encountered the first glitch. I was able to play on a bouncy castle or progress through the game, so obviously I played around on the bouncy castle for awhile but Deadpool got stuck in mid-air and I had to restart the game.

The second time, I avoided the bouncy castle and progressed; there was a small platforming area where I had to jump around and wall bounce to higher levels, then the combat started.

The combat mechanics mixes gunplay with hack ‘n’ slash; I got to try two guns and two melee weapons. In total there was around four melee weapons, four guns and four thrown (grenades, etc.) weapons. In addition to that, there were some bizarre weapons such as laser guns, mallets and bear traps. You can unlock these weapons by gaining points from killing enemies, gaining high combos or just collecting them in hidden areas. Unfortunately, for each playthrough, the demo itself was reset, so you can’t play around with the higher-tier stuff.

For my hands-on, I only got to use pistols, shotguns, swords and a pair of sai. He dual-wields everything except for thrown weapons, of course.

The gunplay is pretty weird, they obviously want you to not sit back and just use guns, so they make the pistols fairly weak and limit the ammo, however you do pick more up when you kill enemies. The shotguns were really really powerful and even on hard took only one or two slugs to kill people, they balance this by making the range very short however.

But while the gunplay was a little underwhelming the melee combat was near perfect, it was simple to string combos together and the sai and sword felt really different, which means it’s open to multiple playstyles!

Fans of Deadpool will know he has a healing factor and that’s in the game, but since most games do have regenerating health these days, it’s not that big of a deal. But at least they have a “logical” explanation for it.

The humour is crude, the combat is fun and the character is depicted perfectly, fans of the comics will be pleased to play this and newcomers to Deadpool will find this game is a great gateway introduction to Marvel’s top anti-hero.

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