Battlefield 4 “Test Range” practice mode sneak peek

If you’re a hardcore Battlefield fan, chances are you already know that for the first time in the series, DICE is including a practice mode of sorts in Battlefield 4 called the “Test Range.”

As the name implies, this is where would-be pilots can try flying a jet without any consequences. This also applies to other vehicles, and even all weapons and attachments will be unlocked so players can see which loadout suits them best.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait until next week to see what this Test Range looks like as someone on Reddit seems to already have a copy and upload our first look!

In case you’re wondering, those orange blips are “targets” you can practice shooting at, which should be very helpful for those who can’t aim for squat when flying jets (that’s me!).

For those hankering for next-gen BF4 footage, make sure to check back on October 29 as that’s supposed to be the date when EA has allowed people to post videos of it and if this post is to be believed, one version looks “definitely” better than the other…question is, which one?