Battlefield 4 PS4 and Xbox One direct-feed footage coming on Oct. 29, one version “definitely” looks better than the other

Popular YouTube user JackFrags plans to release footage of Battlefield 4 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, including a comparison video, on the day of the game’s current console release, Oct. 29.

“I’ll be posting Xbox One and PS4 footage – Direct capture 1080p on the 29th October – I’m not allowed to post before then,” JackFrags wrote on Reddit. “I have several hours of PS4 multiplayer and the full single player campaign on Xbox One recorded.”

When asked if there was a significant difference between the two next-gen versions, JackFrags responded with: “I can’t talk specifics until the 29th but I can say that one of the next gen console versions definitely looks better than the other.”

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Source: Reddit