Battlefield 4 Second Assault Achievements/Trophies listed, mentions “hidden tunnel” in Caspian Border

Battlefield 4’s Second Assault expansion is already out on Xbox One, with other platforms soon to follow and in the meantime, you can check out the Achievements/Trophies of the DLC below.

Second Assault is, of course, Battlefield 3 maps re-made using Frostbite 3 with added Levolution mechanics that will/might drastically alter how the level plays out.

It’s just five Achievements/Trophies, but it’s still a nice touch by DICE to include them all the same. One interesting bit is the “find the hidden tunnel in Caspian Border” one, which might stump a few people for a little while.

If you don’t have an Xbox One, you can check up on Second Assault with our in-depth look at the maps via videos, and even a thorough walkthrough of the new Operation Metro.

Have you played Second Assault yet and are you liking the changes so far?