Battlefield 4 Operation Metro level guide and impressions

While we posted a ton of Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion maps yesterday, we’re not done yet. Courtesy of Pixel Enemy content producer MattTheMusketeer, we now have an in-depth tour of Battlefield 3′s most famous map, Operation Metro.

Matt tried the redesigned Operation Metro on different game modes and weighs in on the new flanking routes, chokepoints and the new mechanics it introduces like burning grass, water vehicles and lots more.

Out of all the re-imagined maps in Second Assault with Levolution, Operation Metro might just be the one that maximizes it the most. Now, there aren’t just three routes to go from the subway to the escalators (or some people call, “clusterfuck avenue), and this changes the map’s layout completely.

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Second Assault will be available tomorrow on Xbox One, with the other platforms to follow at an unspecified date.

How do you feel about Op Metro now? Do you think this will once again be the most played map when it’s released?