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GTA V ships 29 million units worldwide, exceeds lifetime sell-in of GTA IV

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In their Q2 fiscal report for 2014, Take-Two has revealed that Grand Theft Auto V has shipped an astounding 29 million copies worldwide since its release.

According to the press release, GTA V “received extraordinary reviews, including over 160 perfect scores worldwide, and already has sold-in nearly 29 million units, exceeding the lifetime sell-in of Grand Theft Auto IV on console in less than six weeks after launch. We believe Grand Theft Auto V is the fastest-selling entertainment release in history*, grossing over $800 million in retail sales during the first 24 hours after launch and over $1 billion in only three days.”

Bears without saying, but a congrats are in order, no?

You can check out our GTA V review here, where we score it a perfect 10/10 and proclaim that a “sandbox game of this stature demands to be played.”

6 comments on “GTA V ships 29 million units worldwide, exceeds lifetime sell-in of GTA IV

    • Was thinking ‘amazing’ and then your comment appeared.

      Come on, take-2, now release gta5 on the ps4, with another 2 or 3 extra ‘heists’, that could be playable after 50% completion. And watch another 10 million gta5 disappear from shelves, or bundled with a ps4. That game is a system seller, and even if I’m playing it on my ps3(about 63% done), and the game looks amazing, I would buy it again on ps4. I’m drooling , just thinking about it: cars with a gran turismo 5 level, or maybe a few less polygons, buildings looking real-life, with perfect crisp textures, even more people on the streets, with 5 times more polygons, girls dancing using 1 million polygons each ;), even better effects, lighting. Trees and grass hi-res. Even more visible details on wrecked cars, painting, dust, etc. 3 mains characters with 4 times more polygons, and ultra high-resolution textures.etc etc.

      Who WOULDN’T buy gta5 for the ps4, or xbox one, even if they have already finished the game on current consoles? Not a lot of people wouldn’t, I believe.

      If Sony or microsoft can put their hand on an exclusive contract for gta5 on next gen(microsoft had paid 50 millions for gta4, for.. can’t remember why), even if they need to spend 20-50 millions for the timed(1-2 years max) exclusivity, it’s much better than spending tons of cash on advertisings, for selling consoles.

      Right now, they don’t announce anything, even a PC version, because they want everybody to get it on current gen. And that’s what happened. I believe until january-february, they’re going to sell another 5-10 million units. But once they start seeing most gamers already have it, they will then announce it for PC, and next gen.let’s hope so.

      I’m sure by mars, if gta5 is released exclusively on the ps4, for example, the game alone will sell 5-10 million ps4, in 2 months.

      Enough talked, great game. I mean, amazing. A masterpiece.
      Though, I don’t like how cops spawn everywhere, and so quickly.
      Sometimes, we’re doing a mission, just because we walk near a lady, in 2 seconds, she calls the police. Frustrating.

      • I wish I could get this game… but it ain’t out for PC :( I do hope it comes out for the PS4. But still… no mods :(

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