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Our Grand Theft Auto V review is a day or two late, but here it is nonetheless with plenty of…

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Our Grand Theft Auto V review is a day or two late, but here it is nonetheless with plenty of video to keep you satisfied – in particular a dog getting kicked in the face.

You’ve all heard the reviews so far for what is being called not only Game of the Year, but “Best Game Ever Made” is being kicked around in different circles also. Pixel Enemy’s own Jaz gives his video review take on the Rockstar release that has grossed over $1 billion in sales since its release.

ConclusionGrand Theft Auto V is more extreme than ever. The level of ‘fun’ escalates to what I would brand the best sandbox game of this console generation. Pacing in a sandbox game is something that’s difficult to address, let alone master. GTA V manages to do it splendidly and it might be contrived to say this by now, but what I would call perfection.

Character development as well as the different dynamics in play here provide for some of the best protagonists in video games, believe it or not. With three main characters, the character switching system was executed flawlessly and didn’t feel disjointed at all.

As a direct result, missions now purposely allow the players to experience the most extremes in firefights, driving and flying. The action flows continuously and I can safely say, tedious isn’t a word you’re going to associate with GTA V.

It’s natural that with a game as big as GTA V, you simply cannot fully cover everything in one go. Whether it’s tackling the story missions, fooling around in the city or doing the mountains of other jobs available, you can simply go on and on with the title’s infamous sandbox “do everything” gameplay,

The game is bursting at the seams with nothing but content. Content that is refined and stylized in the Grand Theft Auto way that Rockstar is known for.

There is very little to criticise about this title, Rockstar deserve every cent for a game that will truly end this generation for a lot of gamers.


  • Very well paced narrative & gameplay
  • Top-notch Character development and character switching is well implemented
  • Missions are more extreme than ever
  • Third-person shooting mechanics take more after Max Payne 3
  • More content than ever – offering anywhere between 30-50 hours of gameplay.


  • Graphically, not the best looking sandbox game
  • Low amounts of pedestrians and police NPCs on the streets
  • Lack of interiors in-game
  • Heists could be improved

Final Verdict: 10/10 (A sandbox game of this stature, boasting anywhere between 30-50 hours of gameplay demands a purchase.)


A review copy for Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3) was given to us by Rockstar for review and does not include “GTA Online” as it was not released in time with the core game. GTA V is available in stores for $59.95 and if you haven’t already bought it, what are you waiting for?

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