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Battlefield 4: Former DICE dev claims game’s problems are “higher than devs”

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Don’t be so hasty to chastise DICE over Battlefield 4‘s numerous launch issues, says former gameplay designer at DICE.

Now a game designer with Rovio, he is quick to defend DICE’s efforts on the game, noting that the problems surrounding it are not a result of any laziness or complacency on the part of the developer, but rather that the issue lies in a place higher than the devs. You can the tweets below:


This alludes to the implication that publisher EA may be a culprit in pushing the game for release earlier than was ready, resulting in a mish-mash of problems at launch that continue to this day.

This isn’t the first time such claims were made. An anonymous QA tester corroborated this idea just last month, stating the Swedish developer was being forced to rush the game in order to beat Call of Duty to market.


43 comments on “Battlefield 4: Former DICE dev claims game’s problems are “higher than devs”

  1. Sounds like you just don’t want to be blamed. Sorry, DICE sucks just as much as EA. You shipped us a broken product knowing full well it didn’t work, telling us it was higher ups when we know for a fact that the game lacks in content, balance, and falt out rips most of it’s stuff from BF3, and Medal of Honor shows me that DICE is just lazy. You copy and pasted most of the game, you worked on useless features for a BS marketing campaign (pointless levelution), gave as a crappy campaign, again, and you removed dozens of core features, while simultaneously killing off team work, and class play.

    People don’t play classes anymore because of the garbage balance. Need an Engineer? Fuck it, you need the M416 class, I mean the medic that nobody utilizes properly. That’s all people want is the broken guns, fuck playing the class, you’ve nerfed them so hard you can’t even use the properly anymore. A team game without the option to play with friends? An in game Battlelog that nobody uses? What the hell DICE? All I wanted was a playable game and apparently you took that as a mother fucking challenge. I hope those legal advisers drill a fiscal minefield in your ass, you certainly deserve it after selling us deceit. Absolutely despicable, good bye EA, you will without a doubt be getting worst company in America for the 3rd time, and most likely go out of business this generation. Hopefully somebody with passion, and drive buys up your IP’s, maybe Bioware can have their soul back.

    • BF3 was a major disappointment. It took them 2 and a half years to fix most problems on the PS3 alone. I lost all hope when they announced premium for BF3. I totally wasn’t surprised when they showed BF4. As long as there are clueless people out there EA will exist. They killed off alot of my fav franchises of all time. Enraged I’d say: f*cking idiots who buy their half-assed products every year.

      • Whatever. Battlefield 3 is am amazing game, it did launch with bugs but just a couple weeks and it was great. Sure they kept patching after that but that just shows their support and how much they listened to the community. Tons of stuff they changed based only off consumer feedback.

        I’ve had BF3 for PS3 since launch and the first few days were the only times I had problems.

        • On my PS3 I had huge issues with audio and graphical bugs that weren’t even considered to be fixed almost 2 years after the games release. Turning off the AA makes it even more crappy if you really want less input lagg.

      • BF3 on PS3 was mostly fine before they released the first DLC pack. At least on my PS3 and the peeps I played with.

    • You’re wrong. You’re just wrong. People play classes still.. why do we have to play them your way anyways? I guess people should just play the way you want them to?

      Also DICE doesn’t make those decisions you complete dolt. Take some time to get educated on how a business works before you start crying all over the internet.

      • Hardly anyone plays the class, they just want to play the gun. Take away guns exclusive to the class and now we have people using their gun, and playing the class they want. That would save the gameplay, somewhat.

  2. Like we didn’t think it was EA’s fault. By March this game will be running sweet, time for my purchase then.

    • And by summer, all the DLC will be complete and released, just in time for them to spit out MoH/BC3/2143, etc, and then BF5 the next year

    • I was in the beta on the PC and the game was relatively free of issues. (Towards the end anyway.) Release was a completely different story however. Still being plagued by server issues.

      • I was in the alpha and beta, and it seemed fairly stable when I played them, when I could get on it that is.

    • Well, it’s 3 months later. How’s it working for you now? Oh and they just delayed the last DLC release for PC because of problems they discovered. So ya…

    • A dev can warn his producer “look, we can’t do that, we need to fix this and that first, before we load more on the system”.
      But what should the dev do when the producer and studio managers say “NOPE”?

      I am very sure the root cause of all the BF3 and BF4 issues is EA+DICE Management+DICE producers constantly making the wrong decisions.

  3. “This alludes to the implication that publisher EA may be a culprit in pushing the game for release earlier than was ready,”

    YOU DONT SAY??? Its not ea does that all the time, say mass effect 3.

    Chosts also did it. Seems to me profit lies on releasing those games at the right time or afraid they relevance is dying thanks to next gen.

    • Read up how that ending actually came together.


      The Beta files game away the original ending. Only 2 guys (the managers) came up with the new, crap ending in 1 month!

      again, issue caused in MANAGEMENT!

      ME3 should have been delayed and writers re-hired to write a proper new ending.
      ofc. thats where EA comes back into the picture -> postponing not an option.

      What I am trying to say, it is not just EA, it is also the studio management.

  4. So they rushed it out by a few weeks to beat cod? Bullshit, 2 months and the game is still broken, dice have fucked up simple as

  5. Seriously give these guys a break.

    (1) Battlefield is probably the most complicated game that launched. It’s got a ton of new great features like levolution & Frostbite 3.
    (2) They released for PC, PS4, Xbox one, PS3 & Xbox 360. That’s a ton of platforms.
    (3) They were pushed to make it at launch. I would say pushed by EA and the consumer. We wanted our games.

    Also just like Battlefield 3 bugs were expected…we just got a few more bugs than anticipated because of this new hardware.

    • Still DICE’S fault, it doesn’t matter if its the most complicated game of the century, you have to create a product that is AT LEAST playable. There is no reason for this mess, its not EA’s, its DICE who created it, they take the blame for it.

      Stop riding on DIC’S di*k and realize that the game, contrary to your belief, is terrible.

      There is nothing you can say that will change the fact that DICE is incompetent.

      • You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. DICE is the developer. EA is the publisher. DICE has zero control over what EA wants them to do. Also the fact that myself and others have already put hundreds of hours into this game proves that it is, infact playable. You’re just bitter for some reason. DICE is far from incompetent.

        You are acting like DICE has unlimited time and resources; they don’t have unlimited either one. Dice has certainly made mistakes, but saying this is their “FAULT” is simply ignorant.

      • Chill chill dude. They will patch it up. It was a huge undertaking and it will come out on top as the best shooter hands down. That’s just that and that is what Battlefield is.

        It’s just the way it is in the state the gaming industry is right now.

  6. “Rushed” would imply that they were given an unexpected timeframe.

    They weren’t. We all knew DICE would have to have a BF game out just before 2013’s COD.

    The problem is DICE’s work ethic isn’t compatible with a simple deadline. They realized probably that the reaction to BF4’s reveal as a modern shooter and direct sequel a mere 2 years after BF3 was less positive than BF3’s, and as such desperately threw a ton of shit and hoped it’d stick.

    I’d point out levolution (and its disappearance from china rising) and new UAVs.

    DICE failed to set out an achievable goal and failed to create a polished product. Its entirely their fault, not some big bad evil EA (which is made of the likes of PATRICK SÖDERLUND Executive Vice President, formerly DICE boss and now DICE’s boss with access to EA’s funding )

  7. Actually you are getting this wrong. Completely wrong.

    “problems are higher than devs”

    Let’s look at the “food chain” from top to bottom

    1. EA share holders
    2. DICE Management
    3. DICE Producers
    4. DICE Devs / Designers
    5. DICE Quality Assurance

    Problems are located in the first 3 levels of the chain, who constantly make the wrong decisions.

    The last 2 are just the grunts, carrying out the orders under the leash..

  8. Don’t know if BF4 fixed the problems I experienced with BF3, but I consider both games somewhat a victim of there own success. Then of course you have the community of people who think it’s cool to be the most immature possible. You have a lot of dedicated quality players that are so good they don’t give anyone else a chance to get better. I remember 1 match I played I was killed 22 times in like 40 seconds. May not be the greatest player, but I don’t think I’m THAT bad. Spawn, Die, Spawn, Die, etc. I guess the people who were killing me are called “spawn campers”?

  9. No offense, but this is BS of the highest order. The buck stops with DICE- they are the developer. They delivered an incomplete/broken product, and now they’re dealing with the aftermath of it. Plain and simple.

  10. I agree with this post, it wasn’t as much dice’s fault as it was EA’s.I have played bf3 and bf4 alpha and beta and i liked what i saw at bf4.I can t say much about bf4 at this stage but i know about the problems and from what i experienced in bf3 i can say this: EA doesn t care about anything else than money, they are MOST GREEDY!!

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