Yoshida hinting at a reveal for the PS4 at CES 2014, might be a VR headset

A series of tweets shared between Sony president Shuhei Yoshida and IGN executive editor Scott Lowe seem to suggest that a VR headset may be announced at CES 2014. Although the tweets showcase some banter between Yoshida and Lowe, Yoshida references “a newly announced product at CES 2014.” Later on, a French programmer asks more directly if Yoshida and Lowe are talking about a rumored VR headset, likely echoing the speculations that many have.

Palmer Luckey, creator of Oculus Rift, has already stated previously in November that consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One are too limited in comparison to what he aims to accomplish with the VR device, so it is probably safe to assume that it is out of the list of options.

Speculations aside, VR technology is still somewhat in its early stages, so it is also possible that Yoshida may be referencing a reveal of a completely unrelated Sony product.

via NeoGAF