Xbox One User Interface with Kinect was staged at reveal event

The video above is an exclusive Wired video that shows Xbox One TV integration. NeoGAF users have caught out Microsoft for showing a fake UI at the Xbox reveal event, stating that the actual UI is choppy and slow.

User jaypah said, “Yeah, we found out shortly after the show. Apparently that wasn’t the actual episode of Price is Right that was live at the time. Plus there were videos of an actual demonstration and while it worked OK (choppy video on initial channel pull-up), it wasn’t as smooth as the stage presentation.”

Now this certainly isn’t going to go down too well, especially right before E3. But responses from the internet community to this have been mixed, with some stating that stage demonstrations are usually faked to an extent, but others suggesting that Microsoft is trying to sell Xbox One for something it isn’t.

Regardless, the company should prepare for another backlash. Better yet, they should have some really, really good games at E3 to placate gamers with! Microsoft also claimed that the Kinect 2 will feature 1:1 movement ratio with little to no lag. We’re hoping that the final product will deliver Microsoft’s promise.

In the meanwhile, we’ve contacted them for a statement to ask why the demonstration was staged.