Xbox One reportedly eating Blu-ray discs, makes awful noise

Just like the problems Sony were facing with some of their PlayStation 4s being dead on arrival, it looks like the Xbox One simply doesn’t want to accept Blu-ray disks, and instead possibly “eats” them.

A user on NeoGAF has posted various different videos of Xbox Ones which simply refuse to load in any disks that it is fed, and there is also a very horrible grinding noise to go along with it as well.

All of these YouTube videos above seem to show a common problem with the Xbox One, and this could either be a very isolated issue or a very widespread thing. We will find out in due time.

One user who was having issues with Xbox One refusing to update has now reported that it has magically fixed itself as well. Great success!

So definite launch day problems for both next-gen consoles then, but at least the PlayStation 4 isn’t trying to eat the disks that people feed it, it just doesn’t work in general. Has anyone here picked up a day-one version of a next-gen console and faced issues? If so, which console and what issue?